Assignments and Grading

Continuous assessment will be used for this course—there is no final exam. Grades will be allocated as follows:

Group work

You will be put into groups at the beginning of the class. In your group you will do a series of group assignments and a project.

Final Project

As part of your group, you will build a business and test multiple hypotheses to validate your business model. As part of the work for Unit 2, everybody in the class will come up with their own business idea. Once the Unit 2 assignment is completed, students should come together in their groups and decide on a business idea as a group (perhaps using the individual business ideas as a starting point).

In Unit 4, we discuss how to take an experimental approach to product development, and how to design and test product hypotheses. Following the Unit 4 assignment, you will design and test product hypotheses for your business idea and then test them with real people outside your class, and to evolve your business idea (and potentially pivot) based on what you learn.

In your final presentation (see below) you’ll present the your business model and product canvases, and describe the experiments you performed, what you learned, and the decisions you made as a result. Teams must describe at least three experiments in order to have a chance to achieve the highest grade.

10% of your final grade is for the supporting material for your final project:

About halfway through the semester (the date will be announced on bCourses), your business model canvas, value proposition canvas, proto-personas, empathy maps, and the documentation for your first experiment must be submitted. You will receive 6 points based on this submission. (Note: you are free to change your business model following this submission if your experiment shows the business model will not work.)

Group project final presentation

Your group is responsible for recording your final presentation and submitting it by the final project due date.

Presentation Guidelines:

The presentation, representing 20% of your final grade, will be assessed according to the following criteria: